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Amishrit Dairy and Agro Products: The new stop to pure and unadulterated milk and milk product reaches NCR.

Amishrit Dairy and Agro Products: The new stop to pure and unadulterated milk and milk product reaches NCR.

Delhi, Gurgaon or as can be said a major chunk of NCR has been recently blessed with the launch of a milk and agro products brand Amishrit. The brand is being launched by Dr. Varun Gupta who is a descendant of a family who’s been worshiping and serving cows since generations. They aim to establish relationships with mother cows and deliver pure, unadulterated and chemical free milk and milk products. The brand owners also plan to utilise the byproducts of cow being cow dung etc. for producing biogas. Mechanisation and automation of milking cows is a part of the plan thereby leaving no pain to cows. Milk is the most energetic drink in the world, and the brand owners ensure that it stays that way with Amishrit. They are to nurture A2 & Gir Cows in their own hi-tech Shed and feed them highly nutritious fodder which leads to the natural & nutritional cow milk. The fresh & consistent milk will be  delivered at the  door-step early morning within a few hours of milking is what lies in their plan of action. The milk delivery has been initiated already. 

People in the Vedic period were primarily pastoral. They relied on the cows for milk and dung. Cow dung is one of the main fuels in rural India and also served as a fertilizer. Cow dung and cow urine is also thought to be a disinfectant among ancient Indians and used to clean up home. Thus, cows provided the food, fuel, disinfectant and fertilizer for the Vedic people. With all such belief and faith, the Gupta family have extended their services towards Gomaata to serving people with milk, milk products and agro products. The dairy farm of Amishrit dairy and agro products is located at H. No. 63, village Dharampura, Sector 108, gurgaon. For queries The farm is all decorated with couplets to honour cow , one of which is “Tulsi Vraksh na Paniye, Gay na maniye dhor; geet granth na maniye, maniye teeno nand Kishore.”


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