ARZUTRA GARIELLE Tests Covid Positive and helps with tips on how to beat Corona Virus.

  It’s confirmed that British Asian singer Arzutra Garielle has be tested positive for Covid-19. All her fans have been wishing her and praying for her speedy and healthy recovery ever since. During this time as well the singer has been thinking about her fans and how she can contribute so she has been sharing tips on HOW TO KEEP YOURSELF HEALTHY DURING SUCH TIMES. She has relased this video both on youtube and in her Instagram account. All her fans have been thanking her for these tips.  Speaking about having corona virus the singer says, “Whatever I have and I am today is because of my fans and I really want to make them a part of whatever happens in my life. I always try to connect with them and be in touch with them all on my social media accounts. Hence i thought of uploading the video where i have shared my experience and my knowledge from beating the virus on how to keep yourself healthy when your body is fighting a virus. Right from talking about how sleep is very important to

Glad U Came, a leading PR & Influencer Marketing agency Introduces PAY-BY-RESULTS Service during COVID-19.

Glad U Came, a leading PR & Influencer Marketing agency Introduces PAY-BY-RESULTS Service during COVID-19.

Mumbai, June 2020:

As the country tries to plot a safe return to work and a restarting of the economy, the short- and long-term effects of the pandemic are taking shape.Glad U Came, a leading PR and Influencer Marketing agency introduces unique Pay-By-Results service to any business, irrespective of brand category, size or industry.

This service is the perfect opportunity for brands to grab the eyeballs towards their products as clients only pay for what they get and good work by agencies gets rewarded.Spanning from retail, beauty, FMCG, Tech, hospitality to e-commerce, this service can be a useful tool for anyone looking to improve and strengthen brand relations and awareness at this tricky time for the global economy when client budgets are under more pressure than ever.

With a PBR (Pay-by-Results) option, clients are billed only for tangible outputs and effective outcomes. Meaning we carry out work, and you only pay when there is something worthwhile to show for it. Often talking brands out of paying for services that aren't right for their business at this time. Instead suggesting tactics that will help build strong foundations, and support in the creation of an efficient marketing plan. 

Glad U Came is the first, and the only boutique PR agency to offer such services on a pay-for-performance basis. The latter being a cost-effective alternative to the conventional retainer - whereby a flat fee is charged each month, irrespective of the results achieved. 

 Innovation is not a new word for Glad U Came fondly known as GUC. Within the mere span of 4 years it has set trends that many contemporaries now draw inspiration from. 

Founder of Glad U Came shares, “If COVID-19 has taught us anything it’s that actions speak louder than words. The crisis has created a moment of truth in which we can all evaluate and judge whether the actions and choices being taken by business are a true reflection of their purpose and values.This isn't something you see offered by PR agencies very often, but we are sufficiently confident about our ability to generate meaningful results”.


Glad U Came also has a gamut of tailor-made customised PR services that work in the most specific and efficient manner. Their tariff options are flexible and results-driven. Providing effective and high-quality brand services, with flexibility and value for money. You can visit their website -

If you want to know more about our pay by results service, then write to us on


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