ARZUTRA GARIELLE Tests Covid Positive and helps with tips on how to beat Corona Virus.

  It’s confirmed that British Asian singer Arzutra Garielle has be tested positive for Covid-19. All her fans have been wishing her and praying for her speedy and healthy recovery ever since. During this time as well the singer has been thinking about her fans and how she can contribute so she has been sharing tips on HOW TO KEEP YOURSELF HEALTHY DURING SUCH TIMES. She has relased this video both on youtube and in her Instagram account. All her fans have been thanking her for these tips.  Speaking about having corona virus the singer says, “Whatever I have and I am today is because of my fans and I really want to make them a part of whatever happens in my life. I always try to connect with them and be in touch with them all on my social media accounts. Hence i thought of uploading the video where i have shared my experience and my knowledge from beating the virus on how to keep yourself healthy when your body is fighting a virus. Right from talking about how sleep is very important to

Netsurf Network launches Naturamore Immune Plus for optimum immune response amidst pandemic.

Netsurf Network launches Naturamore Immune Plus for optimum immune response amidst pandemic.

~Netsurf launches its fourth product in a row in health care segment during lockdown~

New Delhi, June 19th, 2020: Netsurf Network, one of the leading direct selling companies in India, launches its fourth product in a row for immunity development. The first 3 products included; Naturamore Women’s Wellness, Eye Care and De-Stress tablets. Immune Plus capsules are the 14th product in the health care range of Naturamore that is trusted by Indian consumers since year 2004.

In the current Covid-19 pandemic scenario, building immunity has become increasingly important in order to fight viral infections. Healthy immunity is a state of body’s defence against harmful pathogens as it helps prevent the development of infection. Naturamore Immune Plus is a comprehensive natural supplement for optimum immune response in a variety of infectious and allergic conditions. If you fall sick frequently, are prone to allergies, or simply concerned about building good immune response to fight the pandemic, Immune Plus is best suited for you.

Mr. Sujit Jain, Chairman and Managing Director of Netsurf Communications Pvt Ltd, on the launch of Naturamore Immune Plus said “Our new Naturamore nutraceuticals are receiving amazing response as they are need-based and perfectly suited for today’s lifestyle in lockdown”. He also stated that “This product will play an important role in developing consumers’ immunity during the viral invasions we are facing in recent times. The speciality of Immune Plus is that it helps to boost the immunity of one’s respiratory system as it’s a unique combination of Vitamin C, Zinc, and essential herbs.” He further added, “We all know that Vitamin C and Zinc are commonly used to treat respiratory infections and herbs like Giloy, Tulsi and Kantakari play an important role in developing the immunity specifically of the respiratory system of human body.”

Furthermore, this product also helps to build metabolism, maintain healthy liver function, support healthy respiratory function, develop cardiovascular health, physical and sexual vitality, and resistance to infections. It is a herbal supplement with key ingredients like, ‘Giloy’, ‘Tulsi’ ‘Amla’, ‘Kantakari’ and ‘Shunthi’ which have their own significant benefits and no side effects. Naturamore Immune Plus is priced at INR 600 for a pack of 60 capsules.

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About Naturamore:

Naturamore is a health & wellness brand by Netsurf Network. Naturamore range consists of 14 nutraceuticals, in powder, tablet and capsule forms that supplement human body with targeted nutrition to help overcome certain lifestyle disorders. Launched in 2004, Naturamore as a brand had a contribution of 33% in the turnover of Netsurf Network in 2019-20. Netsurf has sold more than 5.2 Million products of Naturamore to 3.5 lac families across India. Naturamore recently revamped all the products in its category and presented them in an advanced and new version of packaging. While having launched 3 new nutraceutical products during lockdown period, now Netsurf launches one more essential nutraceutical called Immune Plus.

About Netsurf Network:

Netsurf, an indigenous Direct Selling- FMCG company head quartered in Pune, plays a pivotal role in the direct selling industry operating in India. Netsurf has a strong base of 2.5 million of consumers with more than 1 lac distributors joining in every year. Netsurf’s direct selling network is spread across 628 districts in India offering more than 60 quality FMCG products. The products are divided in to 5 different ranges i.e. Naturamore for Health & Wellness, Herbs & More for Personal Care, Biofit for Organic Farming, Rang De for Herbal Cosmetics & Clean & More for Home Care. All Netsurf products are demand driven and they target specific requirements in the day to day life of the consumers.

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  1. Naturamore...shitty product..after consuming for 45 days I am infected with Piles. Please dont trust this company and their products.

  2. Before Consuming this product I was always falling ill. My Immune System was very week. Even if there was a little bit Change in drinking water & Environment, I used to fall sick. Many of my Colleague suggested me this Product. So, I started taking it from Corona Pandemic. Since then my Immune System has Increased immensely & never been Sick. Only Care you need to take is, Consume only One tablet daily with their Naturamore Powder. Because it is Ayurvedic. If you take it twice a daily heat may Increase in your body.


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